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Apparel Affinity Group

Did you know?

Fashion Schools, the Apparel Affinity Group, its coordinating committee, the fashion industry, provincial and federal government representatives… many players! There are many and they all have their own respective and important place.

Who does what? What is the link with the AAG?

The industry – Canadian and provincial. No annual meeting takes place without them present. The industry keeps us current with its needs in HR and training.


The AAG – The Apparel Affinity Group. Its objective is to ensure a network coordination and communication between the Colleges and industry, to better evaluate industry challenges and trends and explore efficient solutions, as well as put itself on the map as a recognized link from the industry to the Colleges.

The Coordinating Committee. Composed by at least one rep from the 6 following regions: The Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut, Alberta/NWT and BC/Yukon. Its members act as resources person for their respective sectors and as a planning and communication vehicle to study priorities.

Atlantic Provinces

Katie Parnham 


Sandra Parker 


Judy Cameron 


Position open, to be filled by CC recommendation only


Vicki Hegedus


Michael Pope